Sawmill Cottage Farm Wedding

Sawmill Cottage Farm Wedding Lurg

Lexi + Shayne
21 April 2023

Hey there! So, I recently had the best afternoon capturing Lexi and Shayne’s wedding at Sawmill Cottage Farm in Lurg. It was such a wonderfully simple and cheerful celebration. The best part was that it was just their closest family who surrounded them with so much love.

I love small weddings! The ceremony felt so incredibly intimate and special. One thing that stood out was all the little children at the wedding who loved the adorable goats at the farm. They couldn’t get enough of feeding and patting them. So cute!

What I loved most about this wedding was how everything was so laid back and relaxed. No overly formal poses or stiff smiles, everyone was just being themselves and having a great time. It made it so easy for me to capture those candid, genuine moments that truly tell the story of the day.

As the sun started to set, Lexi and Shayne took a moment to wander up the hill together, and we captured some photos of just the two of them with the beautiful farm as the backdrop.

I have to say, being a photographer on days like these is such a gift. To be invited into such a special and intimate moment. I absolutely love being a part of these stories and capturing them in a way that feels so real and honest.

So, here’s to Lexi and Shayne, and to all the beautiful weddings and couples I’ve had the privilege to work with. It’s moments like these that remind me why I love what I do. Here’s to capturing the fun, the down to earth, the beauty, and the love that makes our lives so incredible. Cheers!

VENUE: Sawmill Cottage Farm
CELEBRANT: Roxanne Bodsworth